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The part of dreams that maintain my attention most are when my senses seem just as real as in my waking state. And my senses of vision and willpower both were like this before. Willpower once, vision at least three times. There are many different dream interpretations books, but it can be difficult for a person to remember a book which covers different topics pertaining to dreams, which is what this book has.

So far there were at least two dream interpretation in this book that seemed to be past coincidence for me.

The third paragraph on page 8 will likely motivate just about any person to look through this book, especially if the person had dreams that he could recall around the time he saw this. The book also contains various historical and religious references to dreams. Also, I was able to relate to pages 101 and 102 of it. Pages 110 and 111 have one of my favorite parts of the entire book though. Page 86 has what I see as a really impressive assumption as to why dreams happen, and anybody regardless of beliefs will likely agree that this assumption is probable. There's also the mention of a claim about what causes sleep as well as the physical purpose of sleep on page 27.

The end of page 25 and beginning of page 26 includes a point that can cause you to ask people you know if they saw you in their last dreams. If they explain an environment that seems familiar to you, then you can explain your dream more to the other person and try to find out if it seems familiar with that individual.

After reading pages 23 to 27 you will probably see the topic of dreams in general in a totally different way. The fourth paragraph on page 16 and the top of page 177 are most direct about this view, and are is by far my favorite parts of the book the reader will have reassurance of what a major view the author has about dreams is. Pages 119 and 124 are considerable for this view as well. So is the fifth point made on 176. Also pages 119 and 124 can be considered for this view. So can the fifth point made on page 176. Page 16 also gives me more motivation to think more about dreams.

Page 113 includes a reason to partake in lucid dreaming that one could find very persuasive.

I'm really impressed with the second paragraph on page 115. It perfectly explains a situation I was in with a lucid dream, and it's hard for me to believe that someone else actually noticed the same thing that I noticed about a possibility during a lucid dream. This seems like something which would be more rare in my opinion but maybe lots of other experienced this also.

Pages 159 to 162, 173 to 184 include various stories that could be of interest to you regarding dreams. So does 137.

Pages 43 to 44 and 48 to 50 include how dreams pertain to the Abrahamic faiths. So does the story on page 174.

After reading page 202 one will likely not choose to ignore dreams the person can recall but found boring.

I really wish that this book would be read more, and I don't know why it's not listed as one of the main books available on the author's official site; there is significant contrast between this and other of his books. It is however listed in the contents part of his site though, but it's as if he considered it not worthwhile enough to have it mainly listed with the others. It can however be found listed on the contents part of his site but it's as if he did not find the book valuable enough to be listed with the others. In my opinion it's even more interesting than certain books included on the main book part.

A good idea for this book is to literally place it inside a notebook that's significantly larger than it, and use the notebook to quickly write your dreams down so you can refer to the dream book shortly after you write them and also write interpretations down.

Dreams can be a topic of interest for Christians in general. Genesis 37:9 is just one biblical example of a dream. In it, the sun, moon and 11 stars are mentioned.

If you did some research about the health benefits of reading in general, you'd be amazed. It's also healthier to read paperback or hardcover books as opposed to using electronic devices. You might think it's more beneficial to generally read nonfiction as opposed to fiction, but consider the visual benefits of reading even if it's fiction. And consider how beneficial it could be to try to learn if something is fiction OR nonfiction! :D
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