Self-Hypnosis Easy Ways to Hypnotize Your Problems Away Bruce Goldberg - $16

Very good read - personally uplifting

Page 100 contains a very motivational view of age for those of you already trying to be more healthy.

Page 190 addresses the topic that I personally would be most likely to attempt hypnosis for, and is has what is by far my favorite part of the book.

Pages 27 and 28 have certain claims about hypnosis you possibly did not previously know of.

Pages 71 and 72 grabbed my attention regarding the subconscious.

Chapter 5 is about creativity, which you might find interesting. Also, you might wonder how children may pertain to hypnosis, and that's what Chapter 9 is about.

Pages 97 to 99 and 178 to 179 contain stories.

There is a second favorite part of the book that I have, and it's chapter 4 in its entirety. Recently I have tried hypnosis, and this chapter covers what kind of hypnosis that I found myself persuaded enough to use if I were to use hypnosis regularly. This is definitely unpredictable for those not familiar with the author's claims about hypnosis. After a certain time that I tried hypnosis, this chapter helped me be sure that it was likely not just in a spiritual way, but physical also.

Pages 198 to 199 have my third favorite part of the book. Almost anyone regardless of views will likely find the writings on these pages considerable.

Pages 70 and 71 are my fourth favorite part of the book.

Pages 175 to 178 are my fifth favorite.

This book is about using hypnosis for a variety of different reasons.

You may think that mainly the book just contains hypnosis exercises for various topics, but even if you're not interested in hypnosis you can still greatly benefit from what I mentioned were my second and third favorite parts of the book. Also, my second and fourth favorite parts pertain specifically to spirituality. The very bottom of page 190 also contains some information those interested specifically in spirituality might like. Page 100 contains something for those into spirituality. Page 203 of this book can also help you feel secure about hypnosis.

The second and fourth suggestions on page 37 are ones that I can really relate to because of my recent use of hypnosis, and they can likely relate to lots of others who might start it. Also, the fifth listed entire point on 38 was something that I found I can relate to.

Page 175 is good to read for those interested in how spirituality can pertain to hypnosis. What I find interesting about this is that while someone could be using hypnosis for a specific purpose, the person can also benefit spiritually because of what's brought up on this page. If I try hypnosis, then I want to be on the extra lookout for what's covered on this page.

What's first listed on page 202 is something that I think is starting to look like a personal goal.

Part of this book that has about DHEA can very well motivate you to regularly use hypnosis. The kind of hypnosis that I found myself willing to partake in regularly recently involved reversing the process of aging, and the chapter about this topic in the book includes specifically about the connection between DHEA and hypnosis.
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