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Variety emphasized with New Age view

Pages 170 to 171 of this book include about a topic that in my opinion is bar far the most fascinating part of New Age beliefs. There's a story that can help you find contrast between this and near death experiences.

Page 37 is really considerable for those wondering about the possible purpose of life, along with more thoughts about this from the author's view on 248 to 252.

Around the middle of page 242 contains a comforting mention about death. Pages 30 to 31 are really relevant to this to a certain degree since someone might want to use what's covered on them if he or she wants to talk to someone who has passed away. Around the top of 249 expands upon this idea even further.

There is a topic that will likely cause you to question reality in a way you probably didn't predict on page 241.

Around halfway through 203 contains what the author included about sleeping pills. Alcohol is mentioned on 103, and smoking on 97.

Near-death experiences, a topic likely interesting for many people, is the main topic of chapter 17.

Page 18 has about certain stages we experience between being awake and sleeping.

You can find out about meditation in history of page 215. Yoga and acupuncture are also addressed throughout the book.

Pages 5 and 6 include one of my favorite parts of the book, and I don't want to spoil it.

If you're interested in improving your health, look at page 78.

Page 176 includes a story that contains one of the reasons that I find it personally motivating to use a certain form of hypnosis. Pages 13 to 16 also cover hypnosis. Chapter 4 (pages 27 to 32) truly expand upon this topic.

Although it's generally a New Age book, those of you interested in what the author wrote about mysticism in the Abrahamic faiths can check out Chapter 18.

Pages 174-175 would certainly be really interesting for Christians in general.

Chapters 7 and 23 can make for interesting intellectual discussion.

Chapter 9 covers one of the main reasons that I believe I'd be motivated enough to use hypnosis regularly.

If you did some research about the health benefits of reading in general, you'd be amazed. It's also healthier to read paperback or hardcover books as opposed to using electronic devices. You might think it's more beneficial to generally read nonfiction as opposed to fiction, but consider the visual benefits of reading even if it's fiction. And consider how beneficial it could be to try to learn if something is fiction OR nonfiction! :D
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