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Time Travelers From Our Future by Bruce Goldberg - paperback - $18

Page 50 of this book has about an interesting topic in my opinion.

But I really think the bottom of page 73 has a fascinating point that many people will probably stop to really think about once they read it.

Anybody interested in UFOs will surely be very interested in pages 105-127.

People who are skeptical about ETs and UFOs will probably stop to wonder if they read pages 127-133. Page 275 would also make for excellent discussion with skeptics.

The reader will probably be curious about the topic of time travelers mentioned because of pages like 273. Pages 13 and 14 will probably cause one to have an extremely positive view of time travelers, and make the person interested enough to find out how to have an experience with them.

Page 234 has another topic that one can find interesting.

One will likely think the author made a good point on page 270 that's very understandable.

Page 275 is thought-provoking.

Page 81 has good illustrations.

A topic is brought up at the bottom of page 18, and it's actually my absolute favorite topic that the author wrote about. This involves a person having a personal experience that's persuasive enough for the person to live a spiritual life, if you'd ask me. This is a topic that, if one uses it, will likely increase that person's interest in UFOs and ETs since the person can try to see how these topics have spiritual parts of them. You can also see about this topic on pages 67, 167, 228 and 275. So in my opinion this topic is actually a lot more fascinating even than what the theme of the book is. If a lot more people really tried to figure out this topic, it could answer the major questions people have about life and death.

Pages 45-67 of this book can make for interesting discussion between people interested in quantum physics. There's an attention keeping assumption the author has about the time travelers at the top of page 15, which I think also could make for good intellectual discussion.

Anyone who wants to read about abductions in general will probably find the consideration on page 23 attention-grabbing.

There is a fascinating point included about dreams on page 228. This is by far one of my favorite parts of the book partly because just about anyone can relate to it on a personal level.

There's illustrations on pages 28-31 for those of you who could wonder how certain appearances are. This is especially useful for those who want to try to actually encounter these and recognize them.

Page 219 has about a topic that can trigger your curiosity to the point you may try something that's new for you.

Page 166, starting at the second paragraph, will definitely appeal to people of all interests regardless of whether or not they're into topics like ETs and the supernatural. And they certainly will want to do at least a little bit of research about what's on it. I don't want to spoil it by including what the main topic of this is. It includes a certain amount of history pertaining to it, along with a very thoughtworthy view the author includes about it.

There is a certain description on pages 70 to 73 which I think can give readers a significant amount of anticipation, and motivation to try certain more things. The reader will likely relate this to something the reader already appreciates in life, and think about how pleasing it would be to have something extra similar to that.

It would be especially interesting for me to see atheists address the point brought up on pages 73 to 74.

Page 220 is a page I want to point out as worth considering.

Because of the bottom of page 156, the reader can get a newfound interest being on the lookout for news about a certain planet if the person was not interested in it already.

An assumption about a topic that represents the complete opposite of what's mentioned on page 166 is on page 157. Also, one who wonders about traditional burial might want to check out page 157.

People interested in the Bible would most likely find pages 22, 30 and 158 interesting.

Page 21 has a variety especially considerable for people enthusiastic about the topics of seeing UFOs and ETs. Also, page 178 includes a consideration that will really stand out to people interested in those topics.

For certain possibilities about the future, refer to page 176 to 178. One might be on the lookout for signs of what's claimed on these pages.

If you look at page 134 you'll see a claim of the location of "Mu" as well as another statement about it on 135. Pages 135 and 139 have a claim made about it that could interest anyone who's familiar with a claim in a certain religion.

Hypnosis and meditation are compared on pages 197 and 198.

The top of page 188 has about a type of hypnosis that I find persuasive enough to use regularly.

Page 46 includes about how likely it is that time travel exists.

If you did some research about the health benefits of reading in general, you'd be amazed. It's also healthier to read paperback or hardcover books as opposed to using electronic devices. You might think it's more beneficial to generally read nonfiction as opposed to fiction, but consider the visual benefits of reading even if it's fiction. And consider how beneficial it could be to try to learn if something is fiction OR nonfiction! :D

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