Altec Restored & Refinished Bookshelf Speakers - $360 (Macungie)

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**** PRICE REDUCED TO $360 ****

Gorgeous pair of Altec Lansing 101 bookshelf speakers in real wood cabinets. Here is your chance to own this rare pair of Altec speakers, made right her in PA! Real wood cabinets that I have carefully refinished with a hand rubbed Danish oil finish. Grills have also been cleaned. Two-way speaker system with original 6.5" woofers with composite cones and 1" metal dome tweeters. I have completed the following work on these speakers:

• All drivers were carefully individually checked with an ohmmeter for proper specs. Speaker cabinet terminals were also checked with an ohmmeter before and after speaker work done.
• Woofer surrounds were replaced with premium foam and I carefully aligned the cones so there is no rubbing of the voice coil. Woofer polarity was also checked and verified.
• I applied my special proprietary woofer frame 3-step treatments. Three different materials are used. First, Then I use a special compound on the woofer frames to decrease resonance. Next, I apply another compound to the magnet area of the woofer to add mass to better control the woofers. And last, all dried-up gasket material was scraped off and new special foam mounting gasket material made especially for drivers was used all around the frame to make a good seal with the cabinet. Woofer and tweeter terminal were hand polished to a mirror finish, then further treated with contact cleaner. This delivers much greater bass depth and clarity.
• After 30+ years the original electrolytic crossover capacitors are at the end of their usable life cycle, so I replaced them with high-quality metallized-polypropylene capacitors and also added film & foil bypass caps. All capacitors are measured and hand matched before and after placement in their respective crossovers. This greatly improves midrange and high end performance.
• All solder traces were checked on the crossover boards.
• All solder connections were soldered with very high grade Cardas Quad Eutectic silver solder (the best).
• I cleaned the binding posts with contact cleaner.
• Re-assembled and checked/tested for proper operation.

The same speaker model is currently listed for sale on the Internet for $425 (without the additional upgrades I performed. I have seen them listed for up toe $500 per pair.

I have restored and upgraded many pairs of speakers over the years. I know how to get the maximum performance from speakers. I have been involved in the stereo hobby for over 50 years and have learned over the years how to get the best sound out of equipment. Once you listen to a pair of my restored and upgraded speakers you will hear how good stereo equipment can sound when properly restored and upgraded. These speakers have a rich, full and detailed sound. If you are into vintage rock these are your speakers. But they will also play jazz, vocals and acoustic music with authority and precise sound. Perfect for your vinyl based stereo system. And if you need a receiver, amp, and/or turntable I have those available too that would match well with these speakers.

You can demo these in my sound room. Buy from a knowledgeable audiophile that knows stereo and home theater equipment. I know how to get the best sound from any pair of speakers. I also have a wide selection of used speakers (all different sizes), stereo and home theater receivers, amplifiers, preamps, CD players, turntables, phono cartridges, tape decks, equalizers and much more. I can assemble a complete stereo system including all components and wiring. If you are reading this ad then speakers are still available. I remove my ads when items are sold. Spammers and lowballers will be ignored. Contact me to hear these speakers and see other equipment I have for sale. Please include your phone number with your reply. Price is cash price per pair upon pickup. I can also accept PayPal and Zelle payments.

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