1998 Ibanez - $350 (Hershey)

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1998 Ibanez RG220B - the "B" was a Guitar Center exclusive (a spot model)
*not to be confused with the completely unrelated GRG 220, which is made in China as part of G10 series.

Made in South Korea (MIK) by Cort

$350 for the guitar (with bar and strap)
$400 with the pictured case (I will sell you the case separately for $100)

Original specs are available online and are fairly normal for an RG of the time. I've included a downloaded image.
The highlights:
basswood body
maple neck
24 fret
Wizard II neck
AANJ - All Access Neck Joint
Lipstick Red - which is a little more purple/maroon/burgundy. Maybe a Goth/Blood Red. Not what I think of when I think of "lipstick"

The mods are as follows:
* the original "Powersound" pickups were upgraded with DiMarzio pickups
* all electronics have been updated
* the original single locking tremolo was drastically upgraded to a double locking Ibanez LO-TRS tremolo
* all hardware has been changed to color-matching hardware - either Ibanez or StewMac
* Jim Dunlop straplocks (which is why I am including the strap)

frets leveled, crowned, polished. new strings (9-42). yadda yadda yadda.

cash only
*because I can't think of any fully functional guitars in this price range that I would be interested in (except maybe an Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy or Nightfall, or maybe some of the new Kramer guitars). But I could be swayed to trade
for higher valued guitars that you want to get rid of, even damaged/project guitars. And possibly certain electronics (modelers like the Line 6, Axe, and Eleven Rack or old guitar rack gear from brands like ART and Rockman).

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