Looking for a temp spot to camp (or stay if cheap!) (Ephrata)

Looking for a temp spot to camp (or stay if cheap!) 1 thumbnailLooking for a temp spot to camp (or stay if cheap!) 2 thumbnailLooking for a temp spot to camp (or stay if cheap!) 3 thumbnailLooking for a temp spot to camp (or stay if cheap!) 4 thumbnail
Hello. I'm Matt , I go by "Mash." I'm a 29 year old professional musician, graphic designer / artist, as well as a stage hand for various venues in the Lancaster & Berks areas. I work various events throughout the region & help out multiple moving/junk removal/hauling companies when my schedule permits & there is jobs to be done. I am an honest, creative , kind & caring person with a passion for music & art. I also throw an annual event in Reading,PA in October. It's a music & art "day festival " called The Mash Up. I am trying my hardest to find extra work & other opportunities to make some extra money, however with the clock ticking, I wanted to make this post & see if I could figure out an alternative , temporary situation.

My landlord needs me & my roommate out asap so she can do renovations on the house we rent. I don't feel that I'll be able to come up with first month's+ last month's rent+ security deposit for another place , on top of paying our already ridiculously high rent for the next month or two, plus other bills & utilities. Unless some kind of miracle finds me, which I have been praying for, I am looking for a small wooded plot of land somewhere in Berks or Lancaster County that I could use to set up a short term (2-6weeks or whatever works ) campsite & park my car while I continue to save up money & find a place to rent myself. I have plenty of places that I can couch surf & will likely do that some of the time as well as use family's houses for bathroom/showers, etc. But it would be nice to have a spot where I could set up a hammock & tent (& park my car) in the shade with a minimalist set up. If you would feel comfortable & generous enough to offer a bathroom or WIfi to use, that would also be greatly appreciated, but not a big deal. I could pay whatever you feel is fair , however frequently you'd like me to & help out with whatever you need. I'm an experienced gardener with landscaping skills, I grew up on a farm & have plenty of other skills that I'm positive you could utilize while I stay! I wouldn't have anyone else at the location, nor would I tell anyone where exactly I'm staying, for privacy but also safety. If you would be able to offer any help to my situation or have any recommendations or ideas, please reach out.
Any questions, feel free to call, text, email, etc.
Thank you so much. It's not ideal, but I'm keeping my head up & reminding myself that it's only temporary. I need to work super hard for a few months & I should be back indoors, hopefully in a spot much nicer than the spot I'm currently being forced to leave (& hopefully by myself, lol roommates aren't my favorite.🤣)
Seriously, I'm open to ANY ideas or situations , advice , etc. That you can offer, don't be afraid to reach out. I have references & people to vouch for my honesty, trustworthiness, & good character, upon request.
I will even play you some songs on my acoustic guitar, if you wish!
Thanks again ! Much love.

Matt "Mash" W.

SeviN ONe SEv1n
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