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Yes, I Love Antiques of all sorts, hard to post how many different items I get into so I post bit by bit so I dont over crowd a post. Here is my newer want list, All items that are Mech must work .

Typewriters: (1). Various years and models of Smith & Corona before the 1950's

(2). All foreign makes and models of typewriters.
Adding Machines, especially foreign

(1). Burroughs with stand. (2). Hopkins (3). New standard (4). Hiett (5). Universal (6). Dalton (7). Pike

(8). Bundy (9). Mallman addograph (10). White (11). Wetmore (12). Sunstrand (13). Duco

(14). American adder No.4 (15). Ganscher Portable (16). Morse Pre Vis (17). Federal A visible

(18) Sum a graph (19). McCaskey (20). Thales Patent Calculator (21). Remington Rand (22). Felt & Tarrant

(23). Facit NTK (24). Calcorex (25). Eclair Bureau (26). Trinks Brunsviga (27). F&E. Hedman check protector

(28). Triumphator CRN1 (29). De Te We Hamann manus (30). Brandt Automatic cashier coin.

All foreign Machines. 99% of these are older crank handle type
Foreign Military field phones, WW2 to Korean War

Mine field Marking set, M2, M3 and M5. Signal Corps Telephone repeater TP14

Cartridge for Weapons inert projectile UN0328 120 MM. TPCSDT M865 Dummy Projectile

WW2 Signal corps Army Test set telephone AN/PTM 3 in original box as I would seek all items

1950's Army Signal corps Control unit Rm42 in case. Signal corps TG-34-A. Keyer morse code trainer in box

WW2 Signal corps BC-1209/SCR 583 field radio. WW2. Sig corp, BC-221 AH Frequency meter plus box

Non Military (1) Stenotype stenograph Machine (2). Table top Printing press letter press office machine

(3). Gammeter printer American Multigraph Company No.3 Printer copy machine, crank style

(4). Exc condition and working order Antique Thomas Edison floor model Ediphone voice writer machine or table top

(5). Military Sig Corps Army Teletype writer TG-7-B on stand with headset and would be nice to have the paper rolls.
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